Our mission

Our mission comprises meeting our clients’ requests, fulfilling all their needs regarding
modern or classical aesthetics, material and work quality, durability and, of course, cost

Our objects

We aim at the flawless structure completion with emphasis on the special features of each
project, to reflect our team’s efficiency

Our Team

With an experience of many years in the construction sector as demanding company
members or freelancers we decided to join our forces, creating a team that can live up to
any construction challenge by completing projects of high quality cost-efficiently for the
benefit of the clients

Stathis Papadopoulos
Stathis PapadopoulosCivil Engineer
Civil Engineer, of the University of Patras, with MSc in Construction Management in London.
He has professional experience of almost 30 years in all sorts of private and public projects.
He worked for many years as site manager and project manager for big companies of the
construction sector (Ι. KLOYKINAS-Ι. LAPPAS Inc., ARCON Inc., MPALAFAS Τ.S.A.,
MPEKATOROS Inc., LITSOS Inc., ILEKTRIKI-MICHANIKI Ltd.) and managed complex projects of
specific requirements. Since 2005 he manages his own personal company with emphasis on
high quality residential building structures.
Giorgos Papadakis
Giorgos PapadakisArchitect Engineer
He was born in Chania and studied architecture in AUTH. Since 2005 he works as freelancer
and through interesting partnerships, in Greece and abroad, has acquired very solid
experience in studying and supervising private projects, especially residence and tourist
Nadia Emmanouil
Nadia EmmanouilInterior-industrial designer Interior Stylist
Graduate of Α.Κ.Τ.Ο./MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY with specialization in architectural and interior
design. She has worked for many years in the sector of designing owner-occupied dwellings,
hotel establishments and hostels, both in new structures and renovations. At the same time,
making good use of her long-time experience in interior styling, she undertakes the
organizing and setting up of commercial properties for the purpose of shooting them.
Yiannis Papadopoulos
Yiannis PapadopoulosCivil Engineer
Graduate of the School of Engineering of the University of Patras, member of T.C. of Greece,
member of T.C. of Italy, Building Inspector & Public Works Contractor, with 20 years’
experience in Public and Private projects, mainly in applying innovative technologies and
solutions in the erection of new and renovation of old residences, offices and business
premises and in the configuration of outdoor and green spaces. He speaks English, Italian
and French.
Dimitris Argiris
Dimitris ArgirisMechanical Engineer
He studied Mechanical Engineer in Athens, having also M.Sc. in environmental protection &
management, direction energy saving in buildings. He specializes in Natural Gas installations,
REC and energy saving in buildings. He has 25 years’ experience in the public and private
Sector in Greece and abroad. He is fluent in English and speaks very good German.

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Each of our projects is studied, designed and implemented based solely on your needs.

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