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The residential units can be detached houses, apartment blocks with pure residential use or
apartment blocks with mixed use (residencies, commercial property, shops) wherever this is
permitted by the building regulations.
The modern residential units have parking lots in open or closed property space and
auxiliary storeroom spaces.

Completed structure cost 780 €/m²

In cases of apartment blocks there are the common areas used by the residents. These areas are the stairways, boiler rooms, elevator, main entrance, roof and areas (such as parking lots, spots, ramps) that the residents use for their vehicles.

Our team is very experienced in residence construction throughout Greece and we can
undertake your structure in whichever location you are interested in.

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Offices – Commercial Properties

All structures to host business activities are called commercial properties.
These structures may be offices of individuals or companies, food premises (restaurants, bars, cafes etc), retail stores of any kind, businesses such as private coaching schools, schools etc. as well as industrial manufacturing and storing spaces.

Veropoulos JUMBO Agia Paraskevi

Our experience covers the entire commercial property construction spectrum, beginning with the search for the suitable property, acquisition of building permit and construction or modification of the property so that it will host the desired professional use.

Our various departments can support any need of the professional such as design of spaces, presentation with photorealistic, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning studies, design and construction of specific applications (steel, wood and glass compartments etc) for each space, as well as equipment for each company (catering equipment, tables and chairs, desks, devices).

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Special Structures

Εach project has parts that require specific design and construction so that they differ from
those of other properties and make your own special from an aesthetic point of view and/or
of high quality.

Special structures may be parts of usual processes, though at non-easily accessible points, or
processes demanding qualified staff. They may also be structures that don’t appear often or
structures difficult to be modified after their finishing.

By way of example we could mention green roofs, steel parts anchored in the building
concrete, lighting cupolas, translucent and atriums, curtain walls, special insulations,
demolitions, various pool structures, specific floor structures, specific buildings such as gas
stations, concrete repairs after earthquake, concrete reinforcements and restoration of their
sections, gunite application for supporting or repairs, elevation cleanings, special
scaffoldings, excavations manually or/and by compressor, project model constructions,
glass, steel and wood applications, aesthetic nature drywall structures etc.

Steel structures Metro Station Agios Nikolaos


It is widely known that durability and quality always go hand in hand as long as there is checking, attention in use and proper maintenance.

Therefore, every structure after its completion and depending on various factors, such as local conditions, construction quality, kind of materials and manner of use, needs proper maintenance. Furthermore the needs of the user of the project may change after its delivery and during the use of the property. In this case the initial structure may have to be modified, so that it caters to the needs of people living or working there.

Maintenance includes checking, recording and restoring damage or/and recording and
constructing modifications, thus meeting the new needs that may appear.

Our team has the essential workforce which even after successful delivery of the projects
guarantee immediate response to the needs of our clients by maintaining each property in
exceptional condition as well as applying every necessary modification for its proper
function. Qualified staff undertakes the checking of buildings and facilities (hydraulics,
electrical installation, pools, green areas etc) as well as every necessary repair.

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Renovations of residences and commercial properties

(from 180 €/m²)

  • Budget planning and budgeting.
  • Dismantling of kitchen (cabinets, bench, tiles, piping) and bathroom (sanitary ware,
    tiles, piping) and removal of debris with use of bins.
  • Hydraulics. Construction of new water supply (cold-hot) and sewage plumbing
    installation for bathroom and kitchen.
  • Electrical installation.Electrical Check. Construction of new points based on plan
    with new wiring. Certificate of electrical engineer. If necessary the electronic circuit
    board and the old wiring can be replaced (with extra cost).
  • Bathroom.. Full bathroom renovation (to 4m² ) with built-in shower, cement mortar
    walls and floors or covered with tile (material supply to 12 euros/m² ). Installation of
    new sanitary ware and accessories.
  • Entrance. Security entrance door with galvanized sheets, multi-point locking system,
    small key and laminate-type.
  • Interior doors. Room doors (3 pieces) laminate-type.
  • Laminate floorswith the corresponding soundproofing mat.
  • Wardrobes. Melamine bedroom wardrobes (to 6m²).
  • Kitchen. New melamine kitchen cabinets (to 4m). Mechanisms with brakes.
    Moisture resistant bench, waste bin and plate rack. Stainless kitchen sink Franke.
    Kitchen sink battery.
  • Painting. Painting in all spaces with ecological energy efficient thermal insulating
    paints for moisture elimination and better heating and cooling efficiency.

House in Filothei

Also, the following can be done (with extra charge):

  • Issuance of Small Scale Building Permit.
  • External frames. New external energy efficient frames with thermal break and energy efficient double glazing.
  • Drywalls. Suspended ceilings and drywall coverings with soundproofing or/and thermal insulation.
  • Thermal Facade. Construction of perimeter thermal facade for full thermal insulation and soundproofing of the spaces.
  • Fireplace. Energy efficient (with vents) or built-in fireplace with many covering choices.
  • Woodworking.Design and construction of furniture of specific requirements (bars, bookcases etc), external pergolas and awnings.
  • Alarm. Wiring and installation of alarm system with contacts and internal or/and
    external sensors of the leading alarm monitoring Service Paradox.
  • Heating. Study and installation of new heating system with individual gas boiler for full autonomy.
  • External floors. Balcony, garden floors. Tile, cement mortar, concrete, stamped
    concrete, industrial floors, ramps.
  • Steel structures. Steel railings, lofts, extensions, pergolas, awnings.
  • Green. Green works such as garden and space on balconies planting and
    configuration. Study and construction of green roofs.

House in Psychiko

  • Signboard. Company signboard design, fabrication and installation.
  • Lighting. Lighting study and proposal of lamp supply. Also lamp design and construction.
  • Sound. Study and construction of suitable sound insulating/sound absorbing
    surfaces for every space. Study and installation of sound units for every space.
  • Outdoor spaces. Study and construction of outdoor spaces with perimeter sliding curtain walls.
  • Equipment. Study, supply and installation of suitable equipment for every company
    (tables, chairs, electrical appliances etc)

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Energy Upgrading

By the term‘’Energy upgrading’’  we mean all the works required so that the building
operates saving energy in rates amounting to even 90%.

Energy upgrading saves energy, something that leads to reduction of heating and cooling
costs and important budgetary saving in households.

Works aiding in the energy saving attempt are the following:

  • External frame replacement with new ones with thermal break and energy efficient windows.
  • Building thermal façade (installation of insulation cladding system and finishing with grid and coating).
  • Roof insulation. Here a green roof can also be constructed.
  • Thermal insulating paints.
  • Installation of solar water heater.
  • Heating system with gas or heat pump. Here it is advisable to operate together with the domestic hot water (DHW).
  • Renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic and wind turbine installation.
  • Shading system installation. Blinds, shading systems.
  • Ventilation. Natural ventilation reduces the thermal loads.
  • Airtightness. Air barriers for control of air leakage.
  • Natural lighting.
  • Water reuse.
  • Replacement of light bulbs with LED.
  • Automation systems. System check and proper function.
  • Replacement of fireplace with energy efficient one.
  • Ceiling fans.

Thermal facade doctor’s office Kifissia

Our company has experience of many years in this field as it uses all of the above mentioned
from the moment of their first appearance.

It has also participated in equivalent energy studies abroad (Switzerland, Morocco) applying
in structure all these energy efficient ‘’tools’’ for the reduction of energy consumption

In practice we undertake energy performance certificate (EPC) issuing, complete study,
applying and checking of all works that can aid in the energy saving attempt with
corresponding reduction of heating and cooling costs, thus providing for the users of these
spaces a cost-effective solution that enhances their comfort.
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In General

Steel structures comprise steel frame (columns and beams) and reinforced concrete slabs.
As both materials (steel and concrete) are used, they are also called composite construction.
They are widely used in the whole range of structures and are a widespread construction
method worldwide.


  • Short completion time (lower total cost).
  • Reduced stamps (lower total cost).
  • Enhanced earthquake-proof safety.
  • Construction of large openings without columns.
  • Light structure suitable for additional high extension on existing building.
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation. Reduced probability of moisture appearance
    and condensate creation.
  • Low maintenance requirements over time.

Steel residence


  • EARTH MOVING. Few excavations and landfills, based on study.
  • FOUNDATION. Construction of foundation by reinforced concrete, based on study.
  • ANCHOR BOLTS-COLUMN BASES. During the foundation process steel anchor bolts
    (bases with cables) are installed which are then fixed in the reinforced concrete.
  • STEEL STRUCTURE FRAME. The steel frame is constructed with steel columns and
    beams based on the study dimensioning.
  • SLABS. The slabs are constructed on frame of steel beams having sheet coating by
    lightly reinforced concrete.
  • MASONRY. Masonry walls are constructed by 3D panel or (more often nowadays)
    externally by cement board and internally by drywall with perfect thermal and
    sound insulation. The construction of masonry walls isn’t time-consuming, plasters
    are not necessary and the final surface is delivered ready for painting works, the
    construction cost thus being low. The plumbing and electrical installations are also
    done internally without the need for dismantling, in a shorter time and cost-
  • COMPLETION. The construction continues as in the conventional method, though
    with the advantages already mentioned, of short time and lower cost.

Steel structures

Properties for sale

Ermioni-Porto Heli, Argolis, ‘Kouverta’ Beach

  • Residence with 3 levels on a plot of 1,500 m2
  • The configuration offers up to 3 independent apartments. 2 apartments (A and B
    floors) of two bedrooms with bathroom and living room single with kitchen of area
    66m 2 each and the capacity (optionally) for one more apartment (ground floor) of
    one bedroom with bathroom and living room single with kitchen of area 53 m 2 as
    well as storeroom on the ground floor 8 m2.
  • The apartments of A and B floors have kitchen cabinets, wardrobes sliding and
    opening, electrical appliances and coloured aluminium frames with double glazing.
    The floors are coated with tiles of excellent quality.
  • The configuration may change by unifying the spaces on will and creating a
    maisonette. A pool can also be constructed in the surrounding environment.
  • The distance to the sea is 600 m and the sea view from the residence is
    unobstructed by means of window walls that open along the facade.
  • On the coastline in front of the house there are 3 beaches, big, protected, while one
    of them has umbrellas and chaises longues.
  • The property is under completion.

Ermioni residence

Glyfada, M. Alexandrou Street

  • ΑIndependent Ground floor (elevated) apartments, of A and B floor. The configuration
    of A and B floor may change into maisonette./li>
  • The ground floor apartment of area 72 m 2 has two bedrooms, living room single with
    kitchen and bathroom.
  • The apartments of A and B floor, of area 80m 2 each, have two bedrooms, living room
    single with kitchen, W.C. and bathroom.
  • The property has parking lots, underground storages, elevator, roof and option of
    poll construction on the parterre.
  • The property is in the concrete construction stage.

Glyfada, residence

Regularisation of illegal constructions

We undertake the regularisation of spaces according to the illegal construction law
(4495/2017). Subjection to the law takes place with the payment of the relevant fee at the
Ministry of Environment and Energy and TGC (Technical Chamber of Greece).

The procedure comprises:

  • Visit and inspection by our chartered engineer
  • Evaluation of the inspection data and space plan for the application
  • Pilot-testing submission of information to the TGC system to estimate the fine in detail.
  • Payment of fees and subjection to the law.
  • Supply of data for support (Ε9, solemn declarations, aerial photographs etc).
  • Finalisation of fine and manner of payment (lump-sum amount or instalments).

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